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LVIS is the home to some of the hottest internet properties out there. How do we make a site that is attractive, easy to use, and has the information you want? That's our voodoo. From entertainment destinations to businesses to just plain fun, LVIS has designed and hosted them all. See what we can do, for your own inspiration, or just to kill a little time.

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If you're on the road, you don't have to leave your LVIS behind. Access our popular internet services easily from your iPad or iPhone. Also check out our full selection of apps to entertain and amaze you even when you don't have internet access. Coming soon to Android devices as well.

Musical Mystery Tour

Music can turn back the hands of time. Ever hear that song from your childhood that transports you back to that special place and time? Our Top 40 Tunes site is a treasure chest of charts and music from the past. With charts and music for every week from 1960-1990, it's the perfect OMG vehicle to remember music you loved and have forgotten. Browse, listen, flashback... it's all there. Visit Top 40 Tunes to start your journey through your musical past, and continue it on your mobile device too.

Mad for Mashups?

There's a lot of talk about Web 2.0, but it's business as usual at LVIS. What good is having great content if it's all bottled up and private? We design great sites, sure, but there's always people out there thinking of things we can't. All the content at LVIS is accessible through a variety of services and feeds for enterprising developers to mashup into whatever brilliant idea crosses their minds. Enjoy open access to all our content through RSS and ATOM feeds, REST and oData services, plus other free and open APIs.

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Top 40 Tunes (
Pi (www.ϖ.com)


Top 40 Tunes highlights the music and the artists of the golden era of Top 40 radio. From 1960-1990, commercial radio ruled the airwaves and served as the soundtrack to our lives. And the Top 40 charts were THE barometer of a song's popularity.

Top 40 Tunes lets you walk through the songs of those 30 years - week by week, artist by artist, memory by memory. With full charts, graphs, summaries, ratings, and - of course - the songs themselves.

 Visit Top 40 Tunes



Pi - the number and so much more. 100,000 digits of pi, formulas, and a little social commentary. All artfully arranged.

DJ 8 Ball

DJ 8 Ball. The DC urban scene's #1 DJ. The man, the motivation, the music, and the lifestyle.

Six Pack Companies

Steven Adams' Six Pack Companies. Internet, clothing, neurobiology. Six companies for the price of one, behind one great visionary.

Max the Maui Moose

Who is Max the Maui Moose? The adventures of a large stuffed moose with a passion for travel and exotic photos.

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You're not always at your computer, so why suffer LVIS withdrawal? All of our sites have mobile-friendly versions for easy use on smaller screens. You don't have to remember another address - just go to the same site you always do. Some voodoo, huh?

Apps Galore

What's a phone or tablet without killer apps? LVIS has them. iPhone, Android, iPad, you name it, we have apps for you. From custom ways to browse our Top 40 Tunes repository to explosions of color to just plain fun on the run. Check out our list of apps to the right. Download, enjoy, and rate us high!

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